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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Perry's Cafe Revisit - Loma Portal

Perry's Cafe is one of those restaurants that you see when you are passing through Interstate 8 or Interstate 5, driving near Old Town, or driving towards the Sports Arena, and you kind of just look at it, wonder about it, and never think twice about it.  That is how I felt for a LONG time now, but since my first visit here, I do really enjoy having breakfast here.  The lines are always long on the weekends, and because they are a breakfast/lunch place, it closes fairly early (6:00am to 2:00pm). Truthfully, it is a pretty far away from where we live, but when we have time off during the work week, M and I enjoy coming here.

We learned that from the last visit that the portions are huge, so we knew that we were going to split something.  Our game plan was this... short stack of pancakes and a frittata.  Perry's is known of their egg frittatas.  They have so many delicious variations of them.

Two fluffy buttermilk pancakes came in a short stack ($5.95).  Each pancake was bigger than my head.  It is served with warm syrup and a small portion of soft butter.  The pancake was soft, comforting and fresh.  It is a simple pancake done just right.  

This is the frittata of choice that we agreed upon.  Yum.  It is the Spinach Frittata ($10.25) that comes with lots of spinach, mushroom, bacon and mixed cheese.  We did not order it with the bacon, though.  We were supposed to ask for "light cheese" but we forgot.  Once we received it, we were like, "Mmm, cheese" and did not mind the cheesy goodness at all.

LOOK.  If you are a spinach lover, they really load it up with spinach.  Now, that's a spinach frittata! All frittatas come with a choice of bread and potato.  I wanted toasted sourdough, my favorite.  And, of course, hash browns!  They also offer blueberry or bran muffins and biscuits.  Instead of hash browns, they have home fries.  You can also opt for the tortillas and beans, instead too!  So many options. 

Our server insisted that we should have the frittata with their fresh salsa.  She was right.  They were amazing together (make a note).

Perry's Cafe is highly recommended for their breakfast.  They open at 6:00am and close at 2:00pm, so I suggest going really early for breakfast.  Expect long lines, but because I think they turn over the tables pretty quickly, I do not foresee groups waiting for that long.  It has been around for a long time, and it is family-owned and run by Perry, herself.  You will thank me!

Perry's Cafe
4610 Pacific Highway
San Diego, California 92110
(619) 291-7121


caninecologne said...

I went here for the first time last fall and really liked their chicken fried steak (their grave has nice little bits in it). The retro feel is also cool. I'll have to try that spinach frittata next time. :)

Janice D. said...

Hi CC! Oooh, I have to try their chicken fried steak - thanks for the rec! :)

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