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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Brigantine Seafood and Oyster Bar [Lunch] - Point Loma

The Brigantine Seafood and Oyster Bar in Point Loma (Shelter Island) has been in San Diego since its opening in 1969.  I have visited this location a few times and I have to say, I really enjoy it for their fresh seafood and for their prime location near the water.  When M and I dated, he lived in the area so we used to take weekend walks to Shelter Island, including a few visits to the Brigantine for lunch and when his parents were in town.

For this particular trip, we had a family reception and Brigantine was the perfect place to accommodate our large group.  Note, I was not able to record how much eat lunch entree was, thinking they would be on the website.  Sorry! I do know that they were all between $10-$14 each,

My mom ordered the Pork Belly BLT.  This sandwich was so large and great for sharing!  It basically was a regular BLT since there was only bacon in there (not large pieces of braised pork belly, which I was hoping for... for her, haha).  It was served on toasty, buttery sourdough bread, with crisp tomato, and greens.  It still was delicious.  The bacon was crisp.  I loved all the crunchy components of this sandwich.  It sounds like it was my entree, huh.  Yeah, my mom gave me half of it.  Yum!  The sandwich also came with coleslaw and homemade kettle chips  Double yum!

My dad ordered the Lobster Roll.  My dad was a couple seats away from me and he eats fast, so I did not have a chance to have any of his.  I was able to capture a quick picture of it before it was devoured.  It looked amazing, though, with those crunchy fried onion on top of the sweet lobster.  He opted to have the aioli on the side.  This sandwich also came with the kettle chips and coleslaw.  

My sister ordered the Soft Shelled Crab Sandwich.  I was not able to taste hers, but it looked pretty good and she said it was delicious.  The bread looked warm and crusty.  The soft shell crab looked crispy too.  I think she ordered steamed vegetables on the side, instead of the usual chips and slaw.

Oh yes, this is my dish.  I cannot, repeat, cannot pass up a plate of Fish n' Chips.  I love the dish too much!  As you can see, it comes with three fresh pieces of white cod, tartar sauce, french fries and creamy coleslaw.  The fried pieces of fish arrived were still crispy in texture when I made myself a bite.  I added a little bit of the tartar sauce for each bite of the white, flaky fish.  So good.  I am a coleslaw lover, too.  I love it for its tang, crunch and acidity.  

The kitchen plated my fish n' chips very lovely, that I had to take a picture of it this way, which I rarely do.

I really enjoy the lunch menu here, more than their dinner menu, which is a tad pricey.  The staff is very friendly and were really accommodating with our large group.

The Brigantine Seafood and Oyster Bar
2725 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 224-2871

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