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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Puka Dog + The End of the Island - Hanalei, Kauai [Hawaii]

Continuing our trip to Kauai last year... here is a "mini" post because it only has one food picture and the rest are pictures from Hawaii. *smile*  We decided to drive to the "end" of the island (north shore) on Kuhio Highway to explore and to give J a nap.  On the way, M decided to stop by Puka Dog, the famous Hawaiian place featured on the Travel Channel.  Puka Dog is located across the street from our rental home in the Ching Young Village shopping center.  

Puka Dog is known for their local, fresh Hawaiian fruit relishes to top the savory Polish dog inside the "cone-line" (but, not) bun to prevent the sauces from leaking out.  It is not shaped like a cone, more like a bun "sock", I guess?  M chose the Polish Puka Dog (versus a Veggie Dog) for $6.75.  He ordered it with the mild garlic lemon sauce, sweet mango relish and Auntie Lilikoi's (passion fruit) mustard.  Unfortunately, I did not have a bite.  M said it was really delicious.  Well, maybe next time.  I was busy enjoying my chili chicken plate lunch (I'll write about soon).   

Ok, that's the end of the food details.  I leave you now with photos from our mini road trip to the 'end' of the North Shore of Kauai...

There were a lot of "mini" beaches that seemed private.  It looked like a great place for a romantic getaway.  

There were large, green mountains in front of us.  This picture does not do justice to show of the enormity of the mountains as we drove down the road.  It was pretty amazing! 

This cave (above) was the coolest to see.  We did not stop to explore the cave since J was sleeping, but it did look like there were people going inside of it.  No, thanks.  It looked cool, but a tad creepy! 

Okay, last picture.  This is the standard view of Kauai.  Even the views from the car did not disappoint.  This is definitely paradise and why I love Kauai.  

Puka Dog at the Ching Young Village
5-5190 Kuhio Hwy.
Hanalei, HI 96714
(808) 827-8000

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