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Saturday, June 07, 2014

[Happy Hour] Eureka! Discover American Craft - University Town Center

M and I rarely venture out to La Jolla, but for Date Day on a Saturday afternoon, I wanted to go shopping at University Town Center (UTC).  It has been a long time since we visited this mall and I was curious to see what new stores were there. As we strolled along, we got a cool, iced beverage from Starbucks and even enjoyed a cute little 'Lette macaron (Madagascar vanilla and salted caramel). 

As I shopped, M decided to wait for me at Eureka! restaurant, on the west side of mall.  I found him sitting at the bar area, talking to guy named Joe.  As they spoke about horse races and football, I perused their happy hour menu -- yay, happy hour on a Saturday afternoon, score!  

We had a large brunch so I just wanted a taste of something -- so I ordered the Happy Hour Eureka! Truffle Fries ($4.00).  Wait -- suddenly we get this WHOLE plate of delicious french fries.  $4?? Wow, are you kidding me?  We even offered Joe some.  He declined, haha.  Mmm, these fries had a Havarti truffle sauce on top of them, along with fresh green onions, which I LOVE!  They add a freshness, plus I just love a little onion taste.  These truffle fries were pretty up there -- next to the truffle fries at Terra American Bistro.  I could tell these were definitely freshly cut.  They were fried to a crispy perfection and I loved every sinful bite.

M wanted a "taste", as well, to go along with his $4 draft beer (I forget which kind).  He ordered the Nacho Average Nachos ($6.00).  Another HUGE plate of fresh tortilla chips, roasted hand pulled chicken, tomatoes, cilantro, sour cream and chipotle sauce drizzles, guacamole, black beans and sliced fresh jalapenos.  Some of the chips were really tough and not as crunchy (a little stale to tell you the truth) and some of them tasted fresh -- inconsistent.  The guacamole on top was almost brown, boo.  The chips that I had (that were not hard) were pretty okay.  I applaud them for frying their own chips, but like I said, either the cooking was inconsistent, or they mixed batches of old chips with new.  

One item on their happy hour menu were the Lollipop Corn Dogs that I wanted to try but didn't because we vowed to only get two dishes.  Oh, well... the next time we go to UTC!  I would also like to try one of their burgers too.  

4353 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego, CA 92122


Faye said...

I just visited this location last night (well, before 6p to try out their HH). We tried the clams and side salad. Then we ordered two non-HH items.

That's too bad the nachos weren't that great. Do you think they fry their own tortilla chips? I would try that item if they did (and the guac was fresher).

Mary said...

I love their truffle fries - especially with the melted cheese on top and the green onions. Green onions make things better if you ask me. Bummer the nachos were inconsistent... sounds like they mixed an old batch with a fresh batch of chips. Boo!

Janice D. said...

Hi Faye! What a coincidence that I post after you visited. It does look like they fry their own chips. I know, the nachos were just a miss this time. I'd recommend you try them just in case!

Hi Mary! Green onion are the BEST on anything. I crave their fries. I need to go back to try their burger along with these fries. Yum!

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