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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Cafe 1134 - Coronado

We wanted to try something different for brunch so we headed over to Coronado, our go-to place for a relaxing day near the beach.  We love just walking around the Island and remembering why we are so lucky to be living in the greatest city ever. *smile*  I did some research and we definitely wanted breakfast.  J fell asleep in the car again so by the time he woke up, it was close to lunch time.  Cafe 1134 on Orange Avenue serves breakfast all day.  Yay!

Goodness gracious.... there was a line out the door and the cafe was super busy with patrons drinking coffee and enjoying food items inside, outside, and even in the dining area upstairs.

We ordered little J the Belgian Waffle with fresh fruit ($6.75).  The waffle arrived in little pieces, which probably fell apart when they took it off the waffle maker, but maybe that is what they do for kids? The waffle was light and fluffy and had a nice hint of vanilla.  It was really good!  

M and his mom both ordered the California egg burrito ($8.95) with a side of breakfast potatoes on one dish and fresh fruit on the other.  The burrito consisted of egg, avocado, bacon, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.  The homemade salsa looked like a bright Romesco sauce.  It was SUPER SPICY!  

QUICHE!  I love quiche and especially when Cafe 1134 advertises it as homemade quiche.  I was sold. I had a choice of the traditional Quiche Lorraine ($8.95) or Vegetable Quiche.  I ordered the lorraine for the ham and Gruyere melty cheese goodness.  I'm telling you.  I ordered the potatoes with the quiche, but they gave me fruit instead.  I am glad they did because the quiche was really rich and heavy.  The flavors were amazing -- salty from the cheese and ham and buttery rich from the pie crust and egg custard.  The fruit was a life saver for my palate. 

For our non-pictured beverages, we ordered apple juice for J, a coffee for M's mom, and an iced tea for M.  We ate upstairs in the dining area on a pretty warm day, so it was pretty hot up there.  J was pretty cranky and was not digging his Belgium waffle so I packed it up.  Overall, besides the crazy long line, the food was pretty good and we received our items pretty fast after ordering.  I'd come back for the coffee, for sure.

1134 Orange Avenue
Coronado, CA 92118
(619) 437-1134

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