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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Game Day Sports Bar and Grill [Sycuan Casino] - El Cajon

The hubs, M, and I like to frequent the Indian casinos from time to time.  During this past NFL season, we visited Sycuan Casino's Game Day Sports Bar and Grill for a 'meet up' with our fantasy football league, and we visited a couple times on our own to grub and watch the games.

Out of the local Indian casinos in town, Sycuan Casino's sports bar, to me, is the best one to watch sports, especially the NFL football games, with a large flatscreen TV everywhere you look (there's even one in the restroom near the sink).  Also, they serve pretty decent food!  Really.  Here are some of the items we have ordered during our NFL football game visits:

Yessss... we received complimentary chips and salsa.  I am not sure if they always offer free chips and salsa, and not only during the NFL off season, but hey, we certainly enjoyed it!

The Patty Melt ($12.00) -- buttery, toasted sourdough, grilled onions, thousand island dressing, with melted Swiss and American cheese.  For a side dish, we have a choice of skin-on fries, garlic-parmesan fries or sweet potato tater tots (oooh).  I opted for the garlic-parmesan fries.  The bread was a bit greasy and was a pretty limp over my semi-overcooked burger.  Then, it fell apart.  I just wished the bread was grilled a little bit longer to hold my burger patty nicely.  Despite the failed construction of the patty melt, the flavors were good.  I loved the garlic-parmesan fries.  They were crispy and salty.  Yumm.

M ordered The "Chicken" Sandwich ($10.00) -- a simple charbroiled chicken breast, jack cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.  He ordered the sweet potato tots, which were pretty good.  I am not into chicken sandwiches so I passed on having a bite, haha.  The sandwich didn't come with a sauce, either.  No thanks. *smirk*  M seemed to like it, so yay!

THESE.  These Cheese Fries ($8.00) could probably give you a heart attack.  They are so good and very, VERY addicting.  They start off with their regular french fries and then they are topped off with their creamy cheese sauce (not nacho cheese, more like a bechamel type cheese sauce), applewood smoked bacon, scallions, shredded cheese, and a cool dollop of sour cream.  These fries are put in a shallow bowl and get this, they put cheese sauce on the bottom of the bowl before they fill it with fries.  It was a lovely surprise, haha.  

Raw carrots are not my favorite, but you know, I LOVE them with Buffalo Wings ($12.00 for dozen) - and only with buffalo wings. Surprisingly, their chicken wings here are really, really delicious.  Each wing and drummette were a pretty good size.  M and I split these and they were the perfect portion for the both of us. There are different wing flavors to choose from:  Habanero Pineapple, Game Day Hot Sauce (what we chose), Whiskey BBQ Sauce, and Korean BBQ Sauce.  The Game Day Hot Sauce was the traditional wing sauce we all know and love.   

Here are a few pluses here at the Game Day Sports Bar and Grill....
  • Fountain drinks are complimentary when you dine here -- all day, every day.  Other casinos, like Viejas and Barona, although they have complimentary beverages at the casino (including beverage service when you gamble), when you visit one of their restaurants, they do not offer your beverage for free.
  • 10% off your bill with a Sycuan Players Card
  • No tax
  • Click here for the menu (PDF).  
They have a full bar and beers on tap, like what you would expect a bar and grill would have.  So... if you're looking for a good sports bar and if you are willing to drive out to Sycuan, keep this one in mind.  And get the cheese fries, oh, and the wings.  That's all you need! 

5485 Casino Way
El Cajon, CA 92109
(800) 2-SYCUAN


Faye said...

I love football so this would be such a fun place to try it (when football is back). Is Sycuan closer than the other casinos? I just visited Valley View and that was super far away.

I like how they have complimentary fountain drinks. Thanks for the tips.

Janice D. said...

Hi Faye! I know, I'm counting down the days until the NFL is back. :( Valley View, compared to the casinos in the east county is super far. Out of the three out east, I think that Sycuan is probably the closest? I am not completely sure. To get to Barona you have to go up a mountain, Sycuan is tucked behind the outskirts of El Cajon and Viejas is right off the 8 freeway in Alpine. Now I'm curious to see which is closer to us! :)

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