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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Woodstock's Pizza - Rolando

Woodstock's Pizza.  It reminds me of my college days.  Back in the day, like in the 90's, Woodstock's used to be located right before Montezuma Road and El Cajon Boulevard met near this old apartment complex where my old college buddies used to live.  

This location is still on El Cajon Boulevard, but located in the Vons Shopping Center right off of College Avenue.  They have been here a quite a while, but it is seriously the first time I have visited this location ever.

Our friend, M, who now lives in Hawaii, visited for the weekend and wanted to reminisce about the ol' good days and having lunch at Woodstock's.  We met here on a weekday afternoon right before noon.

I have noticed their lunch specials before on their outside window and I think it's a pretty darn good deal when you just want slices of delicious pizza pie.

[image credit: woodstockssd.com]

I took advantage of their 2 Slices & a Bottomless Soda for $4.99. Yum!  The slices they had available this afternoon were:  pepperoni, hawaiian, cheese, and mushroom.

I selected my 'go-to' flavors -- pepperoni and mushroom, especially when they are together on one pizza. The slices were fairly large, almost covering half of the plate. 

Ohhhh.... pizza is so sinful.  I used to consider pizza a snack because I get tired of the flavor fairly quickly. However, I kept eating... and eating and eating.  The cheese was so gooey and melty.  There were many slices of meaty pepperoni on my slice that every bite I took had a piece.  Yum! I ate really fast and I had to rest before I started on the mushroom slice.  

The mushroom slice had a lot of cheese and a fairly good amount of mushrooms.  While this one was very good,  I was STUFFED after a couple of bites.   Two slices for me -- here at Woodstock's -- is more than enough.  Here's a tip:  This deal would be GREAT for sharing with another person and then ordering something else, like wings and/or a salad.

M also got the 8 inch Wildebread ($4.49) and an antipasto salad ($5.29, not shown).  The bread is deliciously baked with herbs and garlic.  It is served with creamy ranch and a marinara sauce.

Th next time I visit, I will probably indulge in just one slice of pizza and order a side salad (ranges from $3.29 to $6.29 for a regular size).  If you're going to order a specialty pie, I love the Monty's Revenge (pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms and extra cheese) and the Garlic Bird (grilled chicken, creamy garlic sauce, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes).

I will always associate Woodstock's with my college days.  I am glad it is still around!

Woodstock's Pizza
6145 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92115


caninecologne said...

Wow, I remember going to Woodstock's (the old location) back in the late 80's/early 90's! College days at State! Good times!

Janice D. said...

I know, right! Good times in college! :)

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