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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

World Famous - Pacific Beach

World Famous in Pacific Beach is the hubby's family's favorite place to go for brunch when they are in town.  What more can you ask for when you are near the beach?  I have never had a bad meal here. Yeah, this place can be touristy but we, the locals, enjoy it a lot especially for their breakfast items. 

We visited on a Tuesday around 11:00am and we were sat immediately in the outside patio near the boardwalk and the ocean. We always have to sit outside even when there is a long wait. 

There is something on the menu we all enjoy and it is surprisingly the best hot chocolate.. ever. Right? At World Famous??? YES. 

Here it is -- their 'World Famous' hot chocolate.  I have never asked them what makes it so good, but maybe the next time we visit I will.  It arrives with a heaping amount of whipped cream and drizzled chocolate syrup. It is sweet, chocolately and super creamy -- none of that watered down hot chocolate nonsense from a machine. I cannot come here for breakfast and not order one. So freaking good. 

They brought us a lunch menu and I was stoked that they have late breakast portions.  I love their eggs benedicts! 

The South Beach Benedict is what I usually order because I love the combination of crisp bacon, creamy hollandaise, egg, fresh tomato and avocado over a bite of buttery, toasted bread (instead of English muffins).... read my previous experience here, but I wanted something more savory, a bit heavier, and with *beef*.... CARNE ASADA benedict!

The Carne Asada Benedict ($9.50) comes with their delicious breakfast potatoes, sliced avocado, grilled marinated carne asada, poached eggs with a drizzle of salsa on each one.  The presentation is not the greatest here, but the flavors sure are yummy. 
Despite the lopsided poached eggs, the yolk was runny and cooked well.  What I love about the South Beach is the crunchy bite of the fresh tomato.  So, I asked them to put tomatoes in my benedict, but our server said, "Ok, I'll give you a side of tomatoes."  Um, okay... thanks!

But, it was quite all right because I ended up eating them all but one from this plate.  They were sweet and they went so well with every meaty bite. 

Haha, here is the South Beach Benedict ($9.25) with the hollandaise on the side.  I am laughing because whoever was at the egg poaching station failed quite miserably this day.  Almost looks like marshmallow whip.  However, they still were cooked well - nice and runny. 

My hubby ordered the Newport Omelette ($9.75).  I was so into my food that I didn't even get a picture of what a bite would look like.  This cheesy omelette comes with shrimp and crab.  Mmm, I had a bite of it was really creamy and flavorful.

Lastly, here is the angel hair pasta, which I did not get the name of, nor the price.  Too bad the World Famous website does not have the description of this pasta dish on there.  It had kalamata olives, asparagus, fresh tomato, basil, and sundried tomatoes.  Because I do not like olives, I did not have a taste, but he enjoyed it very much! 
All in all, we really enjoy being near the water and under the sun, near the beach and we enjoy people watching at World Famous.  Parking is easy -- in the underground parking structure next to the restaurant.  They validate for, I believe, the first two or three hours.  I am sure we will be back the next time the family is in town, or if I have a sudden craving for the hot chocolate!

World Famous
711 Pacific Beach Drive
San Diego, CA 92109


caninecologne said...

Great post! I actually considered this place for our pre-anniversary lunch (we ended up going to the Fishery). I liked that it was right by the beach but I wasn't sure how crowded it would be. Good to know about the free/validated parking too. Everything you guys had looked great! This is something that my husband, daughter and I will check out before the summer is over. :)

Janice D. said...

Thanks, CC! It is a must to try and sit on the patio. The inside of the restaurant is just okay, and kinda dark! I also heard that they have really great taco specials for happy hour, like lobster tacos for $2 or something! I am unsure which day, but I'm sure someone mentions it on Yelp. :)

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