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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sage Cafe at Barona Resort and Casino - Lakeside


I just love the Sage Cafe at the Barona Resort and Casino in Lakeside. I have written about the Sage before, but that was quite a while ago (2009). It was time for a new experience -- lunch!

Weeeell, the menu does not change from lunch to dinner with the exception of their yummy prime rib dinner being served starting at 4pm nightly oh, AND, the fact that they only serve hot, fresh complimentary Indian fry bread only after 4pm also. Booooo.

The Sage Cafe is Barona's 24-hour restaurant and it is lovely, I repeat, lovely. The outside patio overlooks the beautiful, green golf course. The wait staff is friendly and the prices are reasonable for what you get. I do think that the Asian cuisine on the menu is overpriced, given the authentic food we can get elsewhere. But, hey, no tax on food either.

The hubby and I ventured out on a Thursday afternoon for lunch. We asked for a table out in the patio. It was such a beautiful day out.


There was even some sort of golf cart drama across the way. We chuckled because it appeared that every person on staff came to see what was going on with, what it looked like, a golf cart being stuck.

Like I mentioned, the bread basket arrived and to our surprise, there was not one piece of fresh Indian fry bread. The table didn't have cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar either. After 4pm, the server stated. Got it!

I craved fried chicken so what better combination? Chicken and waffles! With the nearest Roscoe's being in Long Beach... I thought I'd give this version a try. Why not?

Before my sweet and savory dish arrived, my cup of chicken tortilla soup was served. Each entree at the Sage (non-breakfast item) comes with a choice of a cup of soup or a wedge salad.

I love their chicken tortilla soup. The warm broth, cool avocado chunks and crunchy tortilla strips were great textures in every bite. The broth, this time around, wasn't as flavorful as my past visits, but overall it was still good.


Ta-da! My "all dark" meat chicken and waffles ($8.95) was served. The dish was pretty boring in presentation, but oh my, I was pleasantly surprised how crunchy and flavorful the spices were on the chicken. The meat was super juicy inside. The people sitting two tables away could have heard my crunch (if there wasn't any talking). It was that crunchy. I loved every sinful bite. I got a leg, thigh, and a small piece of bone-in breast. So much for all dark meat, but man, it was still juicy!  Seriously, this picture does NOT do justice of how the fried chicken tasted.

The waffles were just okay. They didn't have the crispiness and warm doughiness that I liked, but the sweet syrupy waffle and savory chicken still went well together. Cute square waffle, you still did your job.


The hubby ordered the turkey club BLT panini with a side of fresh fruit kabobs ($8.95).  Sandwiches and burgers have a choice of steak fries, cole slaw, onion rings or fruit.  I didn't have a taste of his dish because I certainly was enjoying all my delicious flavors on my palate.

No dessert for us, unless you count the square foiled chocolates they gave us with the check.

Other dishes worth ordering at the Sage Cafe are:
  • Steak and eggs (New York strip) / hash browns / choice of toast ($9.95)
  • Prime rib dinner / potato / veggie / soup/salad / ice cream ($14.95)
  • Build your own burger (or chicken breast sandwich) / three toppings / fries, fruit, onion rings or cole slaw / soup/salad ($8.95)
  • Gambler's short ribs / baked potato / green beans ($14.95)
The Sage Cafe is a definite gem because of the quality of their food, service and of course, their non-tax prices... and, who knows, you may get lucky on the slot machines or tables!

Sage Cafe at Barona Resort and Casino
1932 Wildcat Canyon Road
Lakeside, CA 92040
1-888-7-BARONA (1-888-722-7662)


Mary said...

Hmm... I could be convinced to go to Barona for fresh Indian fry bread... what a great treat! You can't get that in a lot of places anyway. Too bad you missed it this visit! The chicken looks good but the waffle looks ordinary. Oh well. Nice to know there's a good place to eat at Barona!

Janice D. said...

Haha, yeah the waffles were sad, but I ended up eating them anyway. Next time, I will order the fried chicken dinner... ooh, with mac n cheese. YES, going for dinner and getting the complimentary fry bread alone is worth the trip out to Barona. You and Jake have to go!

Tinie said...

Hi Janice,

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Janice D. said...

Thanks, Tinie! I will be sure to check it out. :)

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