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Friday, May 31, 2013

Bistro Sixty - Rolando

When researching bakeries for our office dinner, my assistant came across San Diego Desserts on 60th and El Cajon Boulevard. What intrigued us even more was that Bistro Sixty is an extension of San Diego Desserts. The food photography on Bistro Sixty's website is amazing so I knew I had to visit. 

I met my good friend/college roomie, P, here for lunch on a Thursday. Bistro Sixty opens at 11:00am for lunch. I arrived before P did at 11:30am and I was the only guest there.  Parking was convenient; right on the street in front of the restaurant/bakery.  I had the option to sit anywhere so I picked the outside patio, which clearly was the new addition to the bakery.  

This was my view from the table... looking at the inside of the bakery. 

To the left of where I was sitting was a stage. My server told me that it gets pretty packed in the evenings, especially when they have live music. 

I browsed through the menu as I waited for P.  The prices are very, very reasonable. The entrees are all $10 or less and they come with either french fries or a side salad.  For lunch, sandwiches, pasta, salads and quiche are served.. very simple.

Because the bistro is also a dessert place, I wanted to try the chicken pot pie for a good, flaky, buttery crust.  I had a feeling that it would be awesome because of that fact.  I love quiche too, but it wasn't speaking to me that day.

I ordered the chicken pot pie ($8.00) with a side salad. The pie was petite and very cute. The outside was perfectly baked.  The salad consisted of romaine hearts, chopped tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, and dressed in a balsamic vinaigrette. It was simple and fresh. 

The crust of the pie was perfect. It was buttery and flaky.  The pie filling had chicken, tomatoes, celery, and spices -- it was so delicious!  

My friend ordered the turkey burger ($9.00) with a side salad. The turkey burger is a mixture of ground turkey and mushroom duxelle -- genius!  Seriously, we all know that ground turkey can be dry and if it is not seasoned correctly, can be flavorless... but this patty was SO GOOD.  I was a bit jealous of her dish. The addition of the sun dried tomato pesto made it even more flavorful. 

I could not leave the place without ordering a dessert so I browsed through the dessert case inside the restaurant and chose my favorite.... carrot cake ($5.25).  Our server put it in a plastic container, like so, and the entire cake was protected by a plastic rim since there were three lovely layers of cake here.  I was excited to share it with the office.

The cake moved around in the car so by the time I opened it in the office, it moved to the corner of the plastic container.  Haha.  This is a view of the cake with the plastic rim removed.

The cake was very sweet in flavor because of decadent cream cheese frosting.  It was heavenly.  I absolutely love carrot cake and I always want to try it anywhere that serves it.  This version did not have nuts or raisins.  It was cute and a perfect finish to a nice lunch at a new place.  Thumbs up for me!

All in all, I am happy to have found a new lunch spot.  I really, REALLY want to go back for the turkey burger.  An older gentleman inside ordered french fries with his sandwich and they looked crispy and delicious too.  Yeah, definitely... I will be back!

5987 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92115


caninecologne said...

I wonder if they just changed their name to Bistro Sixty. I've been there many times in the past and it was just called San Diego Desserts.

Their chicken pot pie is really good. The portions are just right at this place too. Their desserts are so good!

Janice D. said...

Hi CC! I think it was pretty recent - my server told us that it was sometime last year! I have never been to SD Desserts ever and want to try more! I agree - portions are perfect and the food is absolutely delicious.

Lorena said...

My monthly book club meets here and it is, indeed, delicious! They did just change their name -- I didn't even know about it until I went there a couple of months ago.

If you ever need a lunch buddy, you know where to find me! ;-)

Janice D. said...

Lorena, YES please... let's go back for lunch! I really, really want that turkey burger! I'm scheduling something!

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