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Monday, January 14, 2013

[Thanksgiving 2012] Sheerwater Restaurant at the Hotel Del Coronado - Coronado

This was the first time we planned on going out for Thanksgiving and I had mixed feelings.  I have always had a home cooked Thanksgiving meal for as long as I can remember.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, apple pie... mmm.  In the past few years, I have been in charge of the delicious roast turkey and I wanted to do it again.  However, this past holiday, with young toddler and our crazy life getting in the way, there was no way I was able to cook a full Thanksgiving meal for my family and my parents-in-law.

Seriously, it was the best decision that we made.  No dishes.  No clean up.  No leftovers (good and bad).  The meal at the Sheerwater Restaurant at the Hotel Del Coronado absolutely divine.  DELICIOUS.

The theme at Sheerwater was "Thanksgiving by the Sea" and the cost of the meal per person was $37.50.  We were able to select a soup or salad to start, an entree, and a dessert.  The price was not bad for a three course meal at one of the best hotels in San Diego.

Between the four of us adults, we were able to order everything on the menu, but the salmon. It was a nice coincidence without me trying to influence my hubby and the in-laws that we shouldn't get the same thing. Right? You understand, food bloggers.

I ordered the butternut squash soup for my first course. The soup was amazing. I loved every flavorful spoonful. Each bite was warm, smooth and creamy. The flavor of the soup was sweet and nutty. There was nice texture from the wild mushrooms in the soup. My son enjoyed the soup as he sat on his Nana's lap.

The Bloomsdale spinach salad came with caramelized pears, crumbled bleu cheese and a honey vinaigrette. I had a bite and it was good. The Bloomsdale spinach was fresh and buttery. The dressing added tang and the sweet pears toned down the flavor of the cheese.

For the main course, I chose to be traditional and ordered the slow roasted smoked turkey entree. My turkey dinner came with three generous slices of dark roast turkey meat, giblet gravy, yukon gold mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, brown sugar sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and orange scented cranberry sauce. Oh my gravy, I am still drooling thinking of this meal. The turkey was super moist to the last, last bite of the final slice. It was amazingly good and cooked to perfection. All the accompaniments were equally delicious in flavor. I am not a fan of cranberry sauce, but it still was tart and really good. I wished they served more mashed potatoes but the sweet potatoes did the trick in terms of more starch with my turkey.

The hubby ordered the braised short rib with organic stone ground polenta, spinach and citrus jus. The flavors of the short rib was pretty good, however I thought that the short rib could have been braised a little bit more. The meat didn't melt in my mouth and it was a bit dry, but like I said, it still was good. The flavor of the meat with the polenta and spinach went really well.

For dessert, I ordered the pecan bread pudding with candied pecans, fresh whipped cream and a bourbon creme anglaise. It was the perfect end to our Thanksgiving meal. I could have eaten a bowl of those sugary, candied pecans alone.

Here is the spiced pumpkin pie with whipped cream which my mother-in-law had.  It was simple goodness.

Thanksgiving, away from home, was absolutely delicious and worth every penny.  This year, I should be able to home cook a Thanksgiving meal for my family, but we always know where to go if something comes up!


kirbie said...

Oh yay, I'm so glad you still got a good Thanksgiving dinner even though it wasn't the home cooked feast. =)

Janice D. said...

Thanks, Kirbie! Yes, I was happy that it was super delish. There's nothing more disappointing than dry roast turkey! Hope all is well!

Traci Marie Wolf said...

That meal looks far more expensive than 37$ that's incredible. Glad to hear you had a great time.

Janice D. said...

Hi Traci! Thanks for the visit! :) I know, right... for Coronado, we expected a much more higher price! It was worth every penny (even less than a Restaurant Week dinner!). Take care!

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