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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Terra American Bistro - La Mesa

I CRAVE the food here. Terra American Bistro, what have you done to me?  My mouth seriously waters when I think of the truffle fries and the deliciously charred skirt steak I had for lunch the most recent time I visited.  And, I want to go back.  NOW.

Terra American Bistro used to be located in Hillcrest and moved to the College Area near 63rd Street and El Cajon Boulevard.  Terra offers a humble, but cool lunch menu consisting for soup, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and these *bowls* that are so savory and wonderful.  I will talk about those in a bit. *smile*

We started off with the hand cut bistro fries, with truffle, asiago cheese, and chives.  The fries are served with their amazing chipotle aioli on the side.  I couldn't stop eating these.  They were so delicious and the presentation of the fries was impressive.  From the galvanized bucket and flat stone rock as a dish, I loved every detail.

The BOWLS... we all got the lunch bowls, the bowls that I CRAVE!  Here's how it works, you pick your protein (grilled chicken, grilled local fish, chipotle skirt steak, or tofu), then you pick your "flavor" for the bowl:  South of the Border, Asian, and Californian.

I love my red meat, so I selected the grilled skirt steak with the Asian flavor.  The bowl consists of fluffy brown rice, stir fried local veggies, cilantro, sweet chile soy sauce, and wasabi aioli (which I omitted).  

Oh, the flavors were wonderful.  The char of the steak and the tenderness of the meat was amazing.  The vegetables were crisp and fresh.   The stir frying time was perfect, in that they did not overcook and kept the integrity of the veggies.  The vegetables in my bowl were broccoli, sugar snap peas, carrots, and purple cabbage.  Absolutely delicious!

The bowl was a perfect portion.  I was not in a food coma, but I was full. 

My friend, Crystal, ordered the grilled swordfish, California style, with cous cous, fresh local veggies, shiitake mushrooms, in a garlic sauce.

T ordered the grilled chicken bowl, Asian style, with cous cous instead of brown rice. Our server actually told us that there were no substitutions but she surprised us with T's cous cous! That was a plus for customer service.

I love Terra. They also have a rewards card program with points. I seriously believe that I will always crave the flavor of Terra's bowls. I must go. PRONTO!


caninecologne said...

Nice! I haven't been here since they moved, but after seeing those bowls (especially that skirt steak), I want to try it out too!

If you ever go again, you could get dessert down the street at PubCakes (cupcakes made with craft beer).

Janice D. said...

Oooh, PubCakes! I will be sure I check it out next time I go to Terra. Thanks for the rec, CC!

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