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Monday, October 01, 2012

Corbin's Bar and Grill - Phoenix, Arizona

Other than La Fonda del Sol, Corbin's Bar and Grill in Phoenix, Arizona, is one of our family favorites for great, flavorful comfort food. My husband's parents know the owner very well and it is always a joy to eat at Corbin's when we are visiting. It's a quaint place to dine and the food does not disappoint our palates!

Our family met for Sunday brunch. The brunch menu consists of eggs benedict, variations of french toast, sweet and savory crepes, waffles, and frittatas. They had a brunch special that was not on their regular menu. Once our waitress said the magic words, I knew I had to, just HAD to, order it. Homemade corned beef hash. I love corned beef. I have to admit... I know it's not the *same* thing, but I grew up on the canned corned beef. Cooked until lightly crispy with diced onions and potatoes and served with fried eggs and steamed rice... it was a great meal anytime of the day!

I enjoy eating salted, cured meats, especially corned beef and pastrami so I immediately ordered the special. My mouth watered as I patiently waited to see how the Corbin's kitchen made the common brunch dish their very own.

YUM. The corned beef brunch special were served with beautifully poached eggs, seasoned country potatoes, and toasted rustic Italian bread.

Ths corned beef was crispy, salty and very flavorful.  The eggs were perfectly poached where the soft egg yolk oozed onto the corned beef.

[perfectly poached egg]

The country potatoes were soft, cooked through, and SO yummy. They had great flavor and texture from the red and green bell peppers.

[my perfect bite of the hash with the potatoes]
Another dish enjoyed at our table were the french toast made from rustic Italian bread served with fruit on the side. 

...and the Via Mexico Frittata which contained spicy chorizo sausage, Anaheim green chiles and aged cheddar cheese.  It was served with salsa, a buttered tortilla, and the yummy country potatoes. 

Visiting Corbin's is always a joy.  I have also had their pulled pork, burgers, and their amazing spinach and artichoke dip.  I am definitely looking forward to visiting again and trying a new dish.

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