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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Culver's Butterburgers and Frozen Custard - Phoenix, Arizona

What is a "butterburger"?  Burgers cooked in clarified butter?  Butter in the center of the hamburger patty?  So many guesses went through my mind before I found out that it is a simple brush of melted butter on the toasted hamburger bun.  Culver's motto is "Welcome to Delicious" and I know why.  The butterburger and frozen custard that I ordered in Phoenix were just that; delicious.  

The first Culver's opened in Wisconsin. They only serve beef from the Midwest and use dairy products from their home state of Wisconsin at their restaurants.  Pretty cool, huh?

My butterburger food adventure occurred in Phoenix, Arizona where we have family.  We arrived one warm evening ready to indulge in our first Culver's experience.  The restaurant layout is the standard fast food chain restaurant... booths, tables, a counter where you place your order, and self-serve soft drink station. 

Culver's serves a wide range of comfort fast food, like burgers, fried chicken, fish n' chips, and salads.  They even have their own root beer.

My hubby and I ordered the "special" butterburger that is not on their regular menu - the French Onion Butterburger with a side of crinkle cut fries

When we found out that every burger comes with two patties, we thought that we would be overindulging, but the patties are super thin and both had a crispy exterior.  The French Onion Butterburger was super rich and absolutely delicious.  The ingredients were simple... burger patties, grilled red onions, melted Swiss cheese, and a smidge of mayo.  The bun was soft and fresh.  Each sandwich/burger is topped off with a slice of a dill pickle.

 [crunchy edges on thin patties]

Other items enjoyed were the Beef Pot Roast sandwich and Wisconsin Cheese Curds...

....and the Patty Melt.

The cheese curds were something that I have not tried before.  The Culver's employee told us that they are similar to fried mozzarella cheese.  Yeah, they pretty much tasted like that.  There is nothing else exciting to report about the cheese curds, but I can now say that I actually ate one.  Sorry, cheese curds.

FROZEN CUSTARD.  Yum.  Frozen custard is like ice cream, but has a different and smoother consistency due a higher concentration of milkfat and egg yolks.  Every bite was creamy.... and yummy.  The "flavor of the day" during our trip was Caramel Fudge Cookie Dough.  What?  Yes, it was definitely a must HAVE at Culver's.

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and there is a Culver's in your area, I suggest trying their "flavor of the day" or even treating yourself to a root beer float (with their own brewed root beer).  My burger was delicious, but because it is not a part of their regular menu, I will probably skip having an entree here and mainly just go for dessert. 


caninecologne said...

hello! nice blog!

i didn't realize there was a culver's in phoenix!

my family and i tried some of their fried cheesecurds while traveling thru wisconsin (it was a side trip from chicago). i thought they were just okay. sadly, we did not try the frozen custard or their butterburgers as was recommended. nice to know there are TWO patties in the burger!

Mary said...

Oh, I wish cheese curds were more widely available here - I've only had them at the fair! The food looks pretty tasty and I like that crust that gets on the burgers. Yummy stuff!

Janice D. said...

Hi caninecologne! I know, the cheese curds were not the best thing I ate. I feel a little bad. LOL! You have a great blog too! Thanks for the visit! :)

Hey Mary! I may give cheese curds another try, like the ones at the fair. It sounds like there could be better ones out there? YES, I loved that crust on the burger! DELISH.

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