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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pierogi Truck - San Diego

A short while ago, I have noticed the Pierogi Truck parked near the San Diego State University campus and I was curious. I wondered how long they would be parked there and wondered about pierogi and the prices.

Pierogi [plural] are similar to gyoza and ravioli; basically they are dumplings filled with meat, sauerkraut and/or cheese. The Pierogi Truck is run by a Polish family who wanted to serve authentic Eastern European cuisine in San Diego. They serve many other dishes other than pierogi. They even have vegetarian dishes and a turkey wrap on the menu!

[truck menu]

After reading the reviews on Yelp, I was excited to try something different for lunch to satisfy my palate.

My friend and I decided to skip the usual lunch spots and visit the Pierogi Truck one afternoon for lunch. I knew I wanted pierogi since I have never had them before. The cute Polish woman in the truck was very sweet. I asked her if they had a lot of foot traffic here and she replied, "Unfortunately, not really." I told her that we would help spread the word.

My mouth was watering as I waited for my order of fresh meat-filled pierogi sauteed in a little butter and topped with caramelized onions, scallion and bacon.

My order came in a small styrofoam box filled with six pierogi and a side of a sour cream based garlic sauce. The pierogi dough was thick and cooked all the way through. The meat inside was flavorful. The pierogi was pillowy soft and had great texture. The onions added a sweetness, the bacon added a touch of salt, and the sauce, which had a garlicky kick, was a must with every bite. My tummy was happy even though I could have eaten a few more.

My friend ordered the original Polish sausage and a side of sauerkraut. The Polish sausage was shipped from Chicago from a Polish restaurant.  I had a sample of the sausage and yum, there was crunch from the casing and it was very delicious!

Unfortunately, the Pierogi Truck no longer is parked around campus, but of course, you can find them around San Diego at food truck gatherings, special events, or possibly in your neighborhood by following them on Twitter.  We were glad that we experienced their food while they were in our neighborhood.


JD said...

I've never had Polish food before. Man, as I'm reading about the pierogi and Polish sausage, my stomach is screaming to get them. Thanks for spreading the word! Hope they will come to my neighborhood next.

Janice D. said...

Hey JD! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Yeah, it was my first time too! It surely was delicious and I hope to visit them again soon!

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