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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Golden House Chinese Restaurant - Otay Mesa


I can't believe I have not yet blogged about salt and pepper chicken wings. In San Diego, almost every [non-chain] Chinese restaurant has these special wings on their menu.  Golden House Chinese Restaurant located in Otay Mesa, I believe, has the most delicious wings in town.

I was a huge fan of National City's Golden Chopsticks' salt and pepper chicken wings until recently when we received an order with unrecognizable chicken parts. It was pretty disappointing. Golden House's kitchen always serves large drummettes and wings (real chicken parts) and are ridiculously priced low ($8.00). They even give you a pint of steamed or fried rice with any entree order. When you order the wings to go, Golden House cuts a triangle on the top of the box so the steam from the freshly fried wings can escape to prevent sogginess. Genius.

Lunch specials are from 11am to 3pm everyday for $5.50. That's right, every day... Sunday through Saturday. If you eat inside the restaurant, the special comes with their addicting wonton chips with warm sweet and sour sauce and a cup of egg drop or hot and sour soup.

For this food adventure, the hubby and I ordered two lunch specials to go for us to share. We ordered the salted pepper chicken wings and bbq pork lo mein (chow mein) with one pint of steamed rice and one pint of fried rice.

[crispy + salty yumminess] 

The salted pepper chicken wings were fried to absolute crispy perfection and were topped with scallion, fried garlic and red pepper flakes for extra flavor and a touch of heat.  My mom and I are trying to figure out how the outcome of these wings are extra crispy on the outside and super moist and juicy in the inside.

[large lunch portion - for one?  YES!]

The bbq pork lo mein is one of my personal favorites. The noodles and vegetables are flavorful, has the right amount of seasoning and the bbq pork is thinly sliced.

We only paid $11.68 for lunch and left us with our bellies full (without soup and wonton chips too)!

If you are on the quest for yummy wings in San Diego, give Golden House a try. You will thank me!


Mary said...

There are some seriously delicious salt & pepper wings in south county! I haven't tried these ones, but now I want to!

Janice D. said...

Hey Mary! Great to hear from you. Aren't they super addicting? A new Chinese restaurant opened in Eastlake. They have wings too. I'll have to try and write about it!

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