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Thursday, June 23, 2011

La Fonda Del Sol - Scottsdale, Arizona

La Fonda Del Sol is my hubby's father's FAVORITE restaurant in Phoenix/Scottsdale area.  They are 'regulars' at the Sonoran Mexican restaurant and the owners know them by name.   La Fonda is tucked away in a shopping center and is a very small establishment.  It feels 'homey' and cozy once you walk in because it is like walking into someone's home when they invited you to dinner.  We have been here many times, as it became a tradition to visit when we were in town.  And, I fell in love with one thing here..... we'll get to that in a second.

Every table starts off with warm, freshly fried tortilla chips and bottles of this amazingly flavorful salsa (pico de gallo).  Yum, chunky tomatoes, onions, cilantro....

After coming here a number of times, I have tried the beef taco, enchiladas, chicken fundido burrito, and their rice and beans -- that's it, nothing else.  That's because the item that I absolutely adore is their.... enchilada sauce.

[cheese enchilada + crispy beef taco a la carte]

For my first experience here, we came for lunch and I ordered the taco and enchilada combination plate.  The taco shell is made from freshly made corn tortillas (no store bought taco shells here!) and fried to a golden crisp.  The shredded beef is flavorful on its own and when the taco shell is soaked up by that wonderful enchilada sauce...yum,  BONUS.  

It is very hard for me to describe the flavor of this enchilada sauce compared to every enchilada sauce I have tried, but I will do my best.  The sauce is not super salty, but has a perfect balance of saltiness to make you say "wow."  I have had enchilada sauces that are way too salty that it's not even enjoyable.  This one has a subtle, light flavor of tomato, chili powder, and other Mexican spices.  The sauce is not thick, but has a consistency of a light marinara sauce (non-chunky).  It is absolutely delicioso!!!

[chicken fundido]

This is the hubby's favorite item there -- the chicken fundido, which is a fried chicken chimichanga topped with cream cheese and 'melted' cheese.  What put me off is that they melt American cheese on top, instead of shredded cheddar cheese.  Still, it is a fried chicken burrito with cheese on top so it is good.  I have actually strayed away from the enchiladas ONCE and ordered this during one visit because it sounded really sinfully delicious, but I missed the sauce.

Now, I always order the beef taco and cheese enchilada a la carte.  In addition to the crispy tortilla chips and housemade pico de gallo to start, the two items always fill me up. 

The equation is simple... La Fonda Del Sol in Scottsdale, Arizona = Best Enchilada Sauce I've Ever Had.  

This still has not yet changed unless someone can convince me otherwise.  *smile*

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Running-girl said...

You're making me hungry! I see you've been busy. You should announce your temporary leave of absence. I suspect your next quest is in search of the best baby food!

BTW: You have just been awarded the Liebster Blog Award!
Go to: http://www.runninggirlsblog.blogspot.com/ to pick-up your award.

-Romelle (aka: Running-girl)

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