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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Mission - North Park

I have always heard fabulous things about The Mission - how they are one of the BEST breakfast places in town.  Browsing through the yummy items on the online menu, it looked to me that they specialized in savory (and sweet) breakfast entrees and, what they call, 'Chino-Latino' cuisine for lunch.  The Mission also has an small array of Latino breakfast entrees to include chilaquiles and soy chorizo.  The restaurant is open from 7am to 3pm every day.

I was very excited to hear that our director was taking his full-time team out to breakfast for 'Administrative Professionals Day'.  We met at 7:30 am at the North Park location (there are two additional locations in Mission Beach and in Downtown).  We all arrived in the early morning, ready to tackle the work day and of course, fill our tummies with a hearty breakfast.

The Yelpers absolutely loved the Mission French Toast so it was pretty much an obvious choice for me.  Also, because I am avoiding foods that contain nitrates like bacon and sausage during my pregnancy, I could not indulge in those items.  *sad face*  I should be avoiding sweets too, but this was a special treat for me!

The french toast was absolutely sinful and delicious.  An order of the Mission French Toast consists of three, thick slices of their freshly baked cinnamon bread grilled to buttery perfection sprinkled with confectioner's sugar.  The plate is decorated with swirls of a berry puree to swirl your perfect bite into.  The french toast paired with the maple syrup.... is like heaven.

The french toast came with a side of their famous crispy rosemary potatoes, eggs, or your choice of chicken apple sausage or bacon.  I ordered the potatoes and scrambled eggs.  I am not that fond of rosemary, but the taste of the herb on the potatoes was not too overpowering at all.  The presence of it actually went really well with the flavor of the potatoes.  My scrambled eggs were cooked perfectly - they were fluffy and not overdone.

Here are food shots of other plates that were enjoyed at The Mission:

[breakfast quesadilla with black beans]

[chicken apple sausage, scrambled egg whites, black beans, flour tortillas, avocado slices]

[side of scrambled eggs + bacon along with french toast]

I loved our food adventure at The Mission.  We had great conversation, good laughs, and fabulous food.  Dan mentioned that the Mission Beach location is the better than the North Park location simply because we are near the ocean.  Definitely a place where we will recommend to our out-of-town guests!

I am curious about the soy chorizo and the roast beef hash.... next time, for sure.

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