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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Western Steakburger - North Park

[counter top where you order at Western Steakburger]

If you are in the mood to be a little bad and want to treat yourself to a little grease, what the heck... grab a burger from Western Steakburger in North Park.  That's what the hubby and I did, but we decided to split a burger because we knew that that we were about to embark on an unforgivable and massive caloric intake.

Western Steakburger was a candidate on my burger quest, however... the burger that we ordered was not one that I initially rated.  When my assistant, Dan, gave me a gift certificate, we visited Western Steakburger for lunch and took the suggestion of our friend, Q, who claims that the pastrami burger is a really delicious burger.  Oh, pastrami.... you are one of my favorite deli meats.  

All burgers at Western Steakburger are 1/2 pounders, except for their 1/4 pound steakburger, which is a bbq'd burger with all the fixings... mayo, ketchup, mustard, relish, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion.  Their 1/2 lb. burgers they offer are the Western Deluxe (topped with gyro meat ), Wild West Burger (BBQ sauce, gyros, bacon and grilled onions), Hawaiian Burger (topped with grilled pineapple rings), and one with chili, to name a few.  Western Steakburger also serves greek specialities like quarter broiled chicken, gyro sandwiches, kabobs, Greek salads, and spanakopita.  Note: They are closed on Sundays and only accept cash.

[pastrami + burger]

Once at the counter, Mike and I came up with our eating plan:  split the 1/2 lb. burger with pastrami and grilled onions [$6.50], side of fries [$1.85] and onion rings [$3.75], two canned sodas [$2.50], and a small 2 oz. side of thousand island for fry/ring dipping [$0.50] (suggestion according to a Yelper).   We paid a little over $16.00 for lunch.

The cook brought out our onion rings first....

Our plate o' onion rings came out fresh out of the fryer and onto a paper plate.  For $3.75, they were definitely overpriced and definitely frozen.  They were crispy and had OK flavor (for a frozen onion ring), but, sorry to say... I will not order these again.  They just not worth the price, given the quality.  The addition of the thousand island did not do much either.

Let's talk about the pastrami burger.  I must admit, it was really greasy and messy, but it was very good in flavor.  The taste of the bbq'd burger reminded me of a simple backyard barbecued burger patty, which I do enjoy.  The addition of the pastrami made the taste even better since I love pastrami.  I do wish the pastrami was grilled a bit longer to get crispier edges, but it still was good.  The bread was a regular sesame seed hamburger bun and the french fries were also clearly frozen. Mike calls these type of fries 'bowling alley fries'.  

All in all, the pastrami burger was good and the sides were not-so-great.  I do like that the owner is familiar with all the regulars that come in and is very friendly to all guests.  I plan on coming back for a gyro sandwich which seemed like a popular choice during lunch time when we were there. 

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