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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Burger Quest 10-11 Results

After ten months of burger (and fries) eating at twenty San Diego restaurants.... the results are finally in for what we [the judges] consider the best burger in San Diego

The judging criteria for each burger were as followed (1-5 point rating):
  • Presentation
  • Temperature
  • Cooked to your liking
  • Bread rating
  • Freshness of toppings
  • Overall taste
  • Overall impression
...and so, after mathematically tallying up the results, I give you the top five restaurants with a mighty darn good burger.  Enjoy!

#5 .... Burger Lounge

[grilled lounge burger]

The Grilled Lounge Burger.... organic whole wheat bun, all-natural grass-fed beef, real American cheese (not processed), fresh iceberg lettuce and tomato, grilled onions (or raw onions, if you like), housemade thousand island dressing... what more can you ask for?  They also make a super delicious Grilled Turkey Burger, made with dark meat chicken and fresh basil.

Rating: 28.14 / 35.00

* * * *

["the best burger in town"]

The Best Burger in Town is what The Pearl Hotel in Point Loma named this burger.  It is really is delicious piece of art.  Pair this gem with a pint of beer on Tuesdays for $15 -- and you've got a great weekly deal called 'Burger + Beer Tuesdays'.  The burger includes a Con Pane freshly baked bun, Meyer Ranch ground chuck, pickles, greens, aioli, and crispy pomme frites.  Yum...

Rating:  28.29 / 35.00

* * * *

#3 .... Neighborhood
[the neighborhood burger]

Neighborhood off of G Street in downtown SD serves eclectic, pretty cool, and savory dishes.  They have a few burgers on their menu, including one vegetarian black bean burger.  The Neighborhood Burger [caramelized onions + gruyere + blue cheese + arugula] and the 777 Burger [baby spinach + tomato confit + bearnaise sauce] were both rated, having the NH burger the most popular reviewed.  The bun is soft and the arugula gives off a balanced peppery flavor to enhance the burger tasting experience. 

Rating:  29.71 / 35.00

* * * *

#2 .... Whisknladle

[wnl niman ranch burger]

This may deceive you and looks like a egg sandwich, but nope... the WNL Niman Ranch Burger pretty much screams "I am worth the $17.90."  Even splitting the burger is totally worth it (pictured above is a split plate between the hubby and I).  The WNL burger comes with flavorful artisan cheeses, house cured bacon, caramelized onions.... all topped off with a fried egg.  *drool*

Rating:  30.00 / 35.00

* * * *

...and the BURGER QUEST winner is .... Jaynes Gastropub!

[jayne burger]

Jaynes Gastropub's 'Jayne Burger' was a clear choice due to its deliciousness and uniqueness it has to offer their guests.  The Jayne Burger consists of fresh Niman Ranch ground beef, Vermont cheddar, dark greens, garlic aioli, and the secret ingredient... house pickled onions.  You can enjoy this juicy burger with a plate of crispy pomme frites for $16, or stop by on a Tuesday for a Jayne Burger AND any draft beer for $16.

Rating:  32.00 / 35.00 

Congratulations to Jaynes Gastropub - Burger Quest Winner 2010-2011!


Mary said...

I'm sure this was a long and delicious quest! I've only personally had the burger from the Pearl, but I've been wanting to go to Jayne's a for a really long time. So many restaurants, so little time. Nice lineup though, good to know there's plenty of good burgers in town!

Janice D. said...

Hey Mary! It was so much fun - can't believe we tried 20 restaurants. I know there are a lot more restaurants out there that have delicious burgers! Now, I'm craving a burger....

Lorena said...

If you're craving a burger, we should hit up that new burger joint on Montezuma where La Torta used to be...Yum!

Janice D. said...

Yes, Lorena... let's go! I've heard really good things about Buddie's!!!!

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