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Sunday, March 27, 2011

World Famous - Pacific Beach

Ahhhh, World Famous by the surf and sand in Pacific Beach.  It is a favorite breakfast spot for when out-of-town guests visit San Diego.  The restaurant is known for the their fabulous Taco Tuesdays, where you can get crispy battered shrimp tacos for a $1.25 each and on Wednesdays, lobster tacos for $1.50 each.  However, I will always come back for their South Beach Benedict and creamy hot chocolate.

[Philly sis visiting and not knowing she just posed in front of the outside menu]

For this particular visit, Lani, my dear little sis from the land of cheesesteaks and Rocky Balboa, visited her hometown and we visited World Famous for breakfast. There always is a breakfast crowd at World Famous, especially on the weekends.  Our wait was about 45 minutes.  We kept ourselves busy by walking along the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. 

The South Beach Benedict.  See that description? I absolutely love this breakfast entree.  You really can't go wrong with crispy bacon, fresh sliced tomatoes and avocados over a runny poached egg and hollandaise!  So amazingly delicious.  Plus, World Famous uses freshly baked grilled foccacia instead of traditional English muffin. 

The avocados are sliced and placed next to the benedict as opposed to being a part of it.  The perfect bite contains all of the ingredients, egg, tomato, foccacia, bacon and a piece of creamy avocado.  The famous potatoes are really good too.  They are not home fries or oven baked....they appeared to be fried, but just enough to crisp the outside and still be mealy and soft in the inside.  

Here are images of what my family ate:

[sausage & roasted red pepper benedict (forgot the exact name) - hollandaise on the side]

[one fried egg + sliced tomatoes = hubby's healthy sides]

[ham + cheese omelet with fresh fruit, grilled focaccia and sliced avocado]

[mmm, crab cake florentine benedict with fresh fruit]

[World Famous breakfast - sausage patties, WF potatoes, scrambled eggs and....]

[...buttermilk pancakes]
I had a bite of the pancake and it was really fluffy and delicious.  I highly recommend them!  World Famous is always a joy to visit for breakfast/brunch.  Always ask to eat out in the patio for people watching and so you can be close to the ocean breeze and the view.  Oh yeah, please GET the hot chocolate too -- you won't be sorry!

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