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I invite you to enjoy reading about the food adventures that I have with friends, family, and colleagues.

I adore food and I cannot just choose one particular food that is my fave.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Szechuan Mandarin - Grantville

There is one item at Szechuan Mandarin that calls my name.  This appetizer is what I will always order when I visit this Chinese restaurant.  Szechuan, what I call the restaurant, seems like it has been at the same location off of Mission Gorge Road for a long time.  It has an 80's feel to it.  You'll see when you drive by and once you take a step inside.  

Back to the golden item:  Egg rolls.  It seems like the most simplest, absurd thing.... but every bite of these crispy, juicy egg rolls make me want to order another one and another one.  But, hey, one egg roll costs $2.00 each. Yeah, they better be darn good!

...and in my book, they are pretty darn good.

[delicate crispy won ton wrapper]

The hubby picked me up at work for an impromptu lunch date one fine day and I chose Szechuan Mandarin, simply because I wanted an egg roll.  There was nothing else I was craving but one of these bad boys.

I cut the hot (straight from the fryer) egg roll in half and out poured lots of cabbage (maybe bean sprouts too?) and small chunks of meat... chicken, I believe.  Ugh, I am not sure since it is mostly filled with veggies.  Seriously, I did not notice because this gal *pointing at myself*  was hungry and wanted to munch immediately.  The roll was yummy as usual -- very flavorful, crunchy, and even more delicious dipped in the sweet and sour sauce they serve you with the won ton chips to start. The roll, though, was a bit oily.  I wished they would have let it sit to 'drain' but I guess it wasn't such a terrible thing for the servers to bring food out to you while it was piping hot.

[lunch special : broccoli beef]

Szechuan offers lunch specials (as most Chinese restaurants do).  We decided to split the broccoli beef lunch special that came with steamed rice and a choice of a soup or an egg roll.  I got the egg roll and the hubby ordered an extra cup of hot and sour soup for himself.  The broccoli was fresh and crispy, beef was tender, and the sauce was flavorful -- a good safe choice.  The lunch special was $8.95 and was a nice portion for the hubs and I to share.  I had the potential to put myself in a food coma by ordering my own lunch special but knowing that I had to return to a busy office environment, I was glad I did not.  Plus, that egg roll was killer enough.  *wink*

Szechuan is a good place for your Chinese food fix.  However, expect mediocre (not above average, not outstanding) customer service from the servers who barely smile... and a pretty cool fish tank in the middle of the restaurant.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

[My Guest Blog Post] DiegoOnADime.com : Cheap Eats in San Diego

Junvi, CEO/founder of DiegoOnADime.com, had asked me to write a guest blog post on my favorite cheap eats in San Diego.  My goal was to stay under $10 a person and NOT be lunch specials (you can find lunch specials almost everywhere nowadays).  So, yup, this means that you can get these deals for lunch and dinner!  There were a number to choose from, but these are some of my favorite tastes.  Enjoy!

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