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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jimmy's Famous American Tavern - Point Loma

The food photography on the Jimmy's Famous American Tavern (JFAT) website is phenomenal.   Before I visited this restaurant for the first time, I already knew I was going to enjoy my experience based on the food pictures and by reading the menu and food descriptions.  Some of the menu items that made me drool are the jalapeno deviled eggs, warm homemade potato chips with blue cheese sauce, short rib hash (with tater tots, mind you), mussels and fries, and crunchy buttermilk onion rings with spicy chipotle ketchup.  Oh, my stomach just growled!

[outside patio of JFAT in Point Loma]

JFAT is such a simple name for a eatery.  I find that the name is synonymous with downright home cooking that is comforting and delicious.

[bar/inside the restaurant from the outside patio]

Because JFAT is one of the contenders on my burger quest, I met two Twitter friends, @LorenaNR and @malou_nievera, to enjoy JFAT for the first time.  Lorena is a friend and colleague of mine and Malou is a fellow local food blogger whose specialties are her delectable Filipino dishes.  I met these fabulous women on a Sunday afternoon in Point Loma during JFAT's brunch time.

Malou ordered the classic cheeseburger that comes with sharp cheddar cheese, red onion, lettuce, tomato, and JFAT's secret sauce... and a side order of crunchy cole slaw.  All burgers have a side item choice of french fries, cole slaw, potato salad, or a simple green salad.  JFAT burgers are HUGE!

Lorena ordered a cup of their herbed organic tomato bisque and a half grilled 3-cheese sandwich.  Looking at the menu now, it looks like they offer the "Jimmy's Combo", which they didn't have on the menu when we visited, for $10:  cup of the tomato bisque, potato chips, green salad, and a half of a sandwich (grilled cheese, tuna melt, or a blue cheese slider).  Awesome - my kind of combo.  So many different flavors!

I also ordered the classic cheeseburger, cooked medium, with a side of french fries.  Yup, a burger quest candidate.... so here it is. *smile*

[sd bloggers *cheeeese*]

Now, I want to talk about the french onion burger.  We visited JFAT for dinner when Mike's dad and stepmom were in town.  Can I tell you that this burger is now ranked amongst one of my favorite tastes of all time?  It is so deliciously yummy...

This evening, I was craving a burger and ALL the ingredients that make up this piece of art sounded so delicious to me... Meyer Ranch All Natural Beef + melted gruyere cheese + french fried onions = JFAT's french onion burger.  Oh, plus their buns... mmm, there's something about these buns that make me smile.  Because I am a sucker for homemade potato chips, I substituted the french fries for these. 

[are you drooling yet?]

The gruyere cheese was nicely oozing on one side of the juicy beef patty and the burger was piled high with crispy french fried onions.  The brioche(?) bun was nice and soft... and warm.  Oh, boy... was I in heaven!!!  The potato chips were light and crispy.  I forgot to mention that the chips come with a warm blue cheese sauce for dipping.  *in heaven*  I don't even think I really talked during dinner because I was heavily concentrated on my burger -- I was in a happy zone. 

Note:  The french onion burger is no longer on the regular menu, but I sent a Twitter direct message to the staff at JFAT to inquire about the burger. They responded that since they have all the ingredients in the kitchen, the chefs may create it for you if you kindly ask. Yay!

It has been quite a while since I have been back to JFAT.  The menu has slightly changed from when they first opened, but everything on the menu makes me drool.  I will surely be back for tater tots for Sunday brunch!

Click on the JFAT events page for food specials like Sunday Champagne Brunch, Local Only Menu ($20 3-course meal), Jimmy's Combo, and Monday through Wednesday specials (all-you-can-eat honey buttermilk fried chicken!!!). 

My stomach just growled - again.


Kimberly said...

JFAT sounds divine! Hubs and I are staying in PL for New Year's Eve, so we may have to eat there on New Year's Day! That french onion burger reminds me of that Steak Escape sandwich you and I used to get! Miss you!

Janice D. said...

Kim - I miss you too! JFAT is such a great place to eat. Food is wonderful and I highly recommend it. Not sure if they still do it, but if you sign up for their email mailing list, they used to give you 15% on your bill for the entire month!

Mary said...

I haven't been to JFAT in awhile but I do like their burgers - I really like their BBQ burger with a huge onion ring in it - so tasty!

Janice D. said...

Hey Mary! Ohhhh, the BBQ burger is one I haven't tried yet. Can't go wrong with BBQ sauce and a big ol' crispy onion ring. Yum!

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