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Friday, January 01, 2010

Basil Thai Diner - College Area

Happy New Year!

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays certainly prevented me from updating my blog, but now that 2010 has arrived and things have been slowing down (so far), I bring you a new entry - enjoy!

* * * *

Thai food has never been my favorite. When it comes to Asian flavors, Japanese or Chinese food is what I would have in a heart beat. I cannot stand the taste of curry and I'm not a fan of spicy foods either. One of the only Thai food restaurants that I would actually go to is my friend's restaurant in Hillcrest called "Bai Yook Thai Cuisine". They have a delicious garlic pepper sauce that accompanies any type of protein. However, I have cheated on Bai Yook as this little place in the College Area opened up more than a year ago and it is located just right outside the SDSU campus.

Basil Thai Diner in the College Area has a fabulous Pad See Ew that is super good. It's so yummy that I seriously could eat this dish every day. Basil Thai is located in the old building off of College Avenue right next to Jack-in-the-Box. When I was going to SDSU, it was a burger place. Since then, it was a construction office, a sushi place, a cereal place - now a Thai place. It took me forever to start coming here because I'm always a bit iffy about new restaurants located in that space until I hear good things about it. My sister's best friend, Junvi (founder of "Diego on a Dime"), and I decided to try it one day, and now I am hooked.

For this particular entry, my co-worker friend, Raven, and I decided to eat somewhere other than the usual for lunch and to catch up on everything. We both hadn't had Thai food in a while so we decided on Basil Thai for their great lunch specials.

For $6.99, we get a cup of Tom Yum soup (sour soup with lemon grass, cilantro, mushrooms, and tofu), a noodle dish or rice dish (pad thai, pad see ew, spicy noodle, panang curry (Mike's favorite), sweet & sour chicken and more) with your choice of tofu, beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp, two cream cheese wontons, an egg roll, and a cute little side salad with peanut dressing. Wowzers, such a deal!

I ordered the Pad See Ew with Chicken with no spice at all. Pad See Ew is made of a wide rice noodle called "sen yai" and cooked with a mixture of soy, garlic, Chinese broccoli, egg, and a protein. It is stir-fried and served immediately to my hungry self. It is hard to describe how the flavors mesh well in my mouth - saltiness from the soy, bitterness from the Chinese broccoli, combined with the savory noodles and chicken. It is heaven. I can tell that the wontons and eggrolls are pre-fried, so they're just "there" to munch on. They are good flavors, but not fresh tasting. The peanut dressing on the iceberg compliments the entire meal.

Raven ordered the Spicy Noodles with chicken. This dish comes with the wide rice noodle, green and red peppers, onions, basil, and of course, chili. She said that she loves this dish, and loves spicy foods.

Raven and I chatted about work, our personal lives, and enjoyed a delicious meal in the comfort of this tiny restaurant and away from the office.

Pretty darn good for about $7.00 each. With gratuity, it was mere pocket change for the quality of food you can get for that price. Also, Restaurant.com offers a gift certificate to this place for a discounted price. My suggestion is to order the $10 gift certificate since you only have to spend $20 here (bring a party of 3 or 4).

I'm back in the office on Monday after being off for two weeks, and am looking forward to... being close to Basil Thai Diner. *wink*

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Rod said...

So this is Jan's food blog. *looks around* And now I'm hungry. Thanks, Jan! =P Way to be commit to something. Keep it up!

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