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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miracle Mile Delicatessen - Phoenix, Arizona

Hands down, by far, the best hot pastrami sandwich I have ever had is here at Miracle Mile Delicatessen. Move over D.Z. Akins, 4.0 Deli, Gus's Subs & Pizza, BMH Italian, The Hat... although, don't get me wrong, they all make a pretty delicious hot pastrami sandwich, Miracle Mile clearly will win a pastrami battle against those restaurants.

Sadly, San Diego used to have one Miracle Mile Deli location in Coronado. However, we came up with our own conclusion that the rent got too expensive and they had to bring their business back to Arizona. Luckily, there is one down the street from Linda & Doyle's house - jackpot.

It's a must that every time we are in Phoenix, that we make a trip to the deli for their pastrami. A MUST, I tell you. Before I discovered that sauerkraut, hot pastrami, and Swiss cheese are components of the best sandwich ever, I used to order the traditional pastrami on grilled rye and put my own yellow mustard. But, now... I can never go back to that.

The Miracle Mile experience starts off at the end of the food counter (similar to a cafeteria) where you order your entree/sandwich and pick up a food tray. I make eye contact with the guy behind the counter and order "The Straw on onion roll". Yum!

The Straw, if you have not figured it out yet, is a hot pastrami sandwich with hot sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese, on the bread of your choice (kaiser, onion roll, rye, marble rye, sourdough, whole wheat, french, or pumpernickel). I always order mine with an onion roll because it gives it that extra onion-y flavor. All sandwiches come with a kosher dill pickle and a side order of your choice (fries, cole slaw, macaroni salad, potato salad, bag of chips, fruit, cottage cheese, or for extra.... mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, potato latkes).

While I am waiting and watching my sandwich being made right before my eyes, there's a plethora of hot & cold items staring me right in the face: BBQ pastrami, stuffed cabbage, macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, gravy, potato latkes, steamed vegetables, Jell-O, carrot salad... endless. In a matter of seconds, he asks me "French fries??", which obviously is a popular choice for a side item, but I opt for the cole slaw. I move my tray along towards the cashier and I patiently wait until Mike goes through the same process as me so we can pay together.

As I wait, I glance over to the left and review ALL the delectable desserts they have in the glass case. Cakes, cheesecakes, large cookies, assorted pies galore. I have not yet had dessert here, but at the next trip, I will order a slice of pie for us to share!

Water glasses are pre-filled and located behind the cashier's near the seating area. We both grab one, I choose one with the most ice, and find a seat at a table.

Mike and I ordered the same sandwich, but he ordered the potato salad and a kaiser roll instead of my favorite onion roll. The Straw is cut in half, revealing the juiciness of the pastrami, melted cheese, and the tangy sauerkraut. It is perfect how it is with no additional sauces needed, like yellow mustard. The pastrami just melts in your mouth, and because it is also accompanied by Swiss cheese, onion roll, and crunchy sauerkraut, my taste buds are having a field day - yes, it is that darn good.

Why do you think I made "The Straw" the picture in my header?

Miracle Mile is an oldie since 1949, but goodie because of the fabulous pastrami they serve. I've also had their Straw Dog, which is a kosher all-beef hot dog with the sauerkraut and melted cheese. It's good, but it's not the same as eating the Straw sandwich. I'm always tempted to try something else here, but I know that I will have a "sure thing" with The Straw.

Try it. Trust me, you'll like it!

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