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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Island Prime/C-Level Lounge - Harbor Island

Island Prime/C-Level has the best view of downtown and the San Diego Bay, by far! I love going here for lunch on a beautiful sunny SD day and sitting in the outside patio over the water.

Technically, it's C-Level when open for lunch at 11:30 AM, but then dinner time is 5:30 PM, "Island Prime time". My first trip here was with the ED of our company and my fellow colleagues in the office. Man, the one thing I will not forget were the Oyster Rockefellers that we ordered for an appetizer that were amazing! They moved this appetizer to the dinner menu, but mmm, highly recommended!

On my most recent trip, I took a long lunch and met Mike, Linda & Doyle for great views our wonderful city and for fresh, delicious seafood specialties created by Chef Deborah Scott. I got there before they did, sat outside on the patio, took in the great smell of the salty sea air, and enjoyed the light breeze. When they arrived (after missing the exit), we were ready to order our delectable dishes. When I am near the ocean, I feel like I HAVE to have seafood. I didn't vocalize this, however, we all ordered seafood as if they thought the same thing.

Delicious! I ordered the blue crab cake sandwich on a toasted french loaf with tartar sauce, shaved red onions, lettuce, tomato, and a side of cole slaw. I love the picture I took of it because of the dripping sauce and the close up of the crunchy cake. It was divine. I ended up cutting the sandwich in half because it was way to big to pick up. It was also really messy because of the tartar, so I ended up eating it with a knife and fork. Yum, makes me crave it again.

Mike ordered the lobster & fontina BLT sandwich, and it comes with a side of sherried lobster bisque in a cute little dish. Man, was I jealous because this lobster BLT is the best I have tasted so far. Sorry, JRDN, but this one is definitely number one. Could have been the overly buttered bread combined with the chunks of fresh lobster!

This entree doesn't disappoint either. I've ordered this the first time I can here. Linda ordered the combo fish, shrimp n' chips, with hush puppies all stuffed in this cone-like contraption.

I was actually eye-ing this salad because all the ingredients sound like they will mesh together really well: warm baby spinach salad with blackened shrimp with bacon vinaigrette, toy box tomatoes, red onions, arugula, pine nuts, sliced egg & goat cheese. YUM, doesn't that sound like heaven? He enjoyed it very much. The egg was perfectly sliced too.

I have not yet been here for dinner, but I know it will be just as awesome as lunch time is. I love this place, and it's a must for entertaining out-of-town guests who would like to experience the best of San Diego.

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